4415 Eldridge Street | Golden, CO
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Gavin is a healing practitioner and devout follower of Ho'oponopono.
He is a licensed massage therapist, body worker, lomi lomi practitioner, shamanic practitioner and artist, serving the local population of Colorado, and virtually serving the global community.



He has walked his own path of healing for as long as he can remember, and his own experiences of holistic therapy and inner work have brought about a deepening in his own practice that has given him great awareness and empathy for his clients, on and off, the table.


Gavin is also a busy father of four wonderful children and husband to an amazing, tolerant wife.
He enjoys exploring nature, writing music, mask making, and finding new, exciting ways to enjoy his life.


Blending intuition, a solid knowledge, and genuine empathy to create and hold deep healing space for any kind of client he meets. Therapy happens on many levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. All are important pieces that when addressed, result in authentic, lasting healing.


Gavin walks along side you on your healing journey and explores many angles with you to ensure the best healing approach. If needed, he can provide spiritual support, insight and guidance along with effective bodywork.

- Understands the interrelatedness of body, mind, emotion, and spirit, and how they pertain to health

- Has walked and continues to walk his own journey of healing and is therefore able to serve your needs with genuine compassion, humility and insight. He combines intuition with solid, working knowledge of the human body

- Gavin has a distinct faith in your own healing capabilities

- Experienced with a range of therapeutic modalities