Been awhile since I posted anything tasty. My wife made this simple ice-cream made from coconut milk. This will take me all of two minutes to explain and about thirty seconds for you to read. But, it is absolutely gorgeous. Here it is: ¬†2 Sliced Frozen Bananas 1 cup of Frozen Strawberries Half… Read More

Here is an informative video made by a good friend and colleague, which breaks down Flu Vaccine Studies, and uncovers a rather disturbing and creative use of math in order to make the vaccine seem more effective than it really is. By which I mean, more effective than almost completely ineffective. ¬†Sadly when we think… Read More

  I needed a healthier¬†alternative to Jamba Juice’s chocolate peanut butter smoothie. And so came up with this little fella. It serves as a great breakfast on the go. Ya got yer proteins, ya got yer magnesium, ya got yer potassium, ya got yer lovely fruits! What’s not to like? I have NO idea if… Read More