As Winter fades and Spring settles in, we find ourselves sleepily shaking off the snow and being called to re-enter the throng of life. With the thawing ice, the shoots of plants and trees heroically push through the soil to greet the sun, and once again life surrounds us, as a flurry… Read More

The Solstice draws near, and along with it the inevitability of Winter. The leaves have fallen, the flowers have died, the darkest night of the year has arrived and yet within each home hearth-fires burn. Inside caves, dens, burrows and in the dark soil life is nurtured and protected from the cold, During Winter, it is natural… Read More

   Mask Making Workshop on the 28th of September!    Seasons roll in and out, informing us that transition is inevitable. Sometimes it is abrupt and unexpected, sometimes it flows so subtly in our lives that we are unaware of its importance until it is too late. This can herald a time of uncertainty and doubt,… Read More