I hope you enjoy this article that explains how I ended up creating crazy animal masks for the healing of others! This is also the first installment of a series of posts that will focus on the stories on some of the first masks. You also might want to check out the blogs on Shamanism… Read More

Here is an informative video made by a good friend and colleague, which breaks down Flu Vaccine Studies, and uncovers a rather disturbing and creative use of math in order to make the vaccine seem more effective than it really is. By which I mean, more effective than almost completely ineffective.  Sadly when we think… Read More

Masks used for personal transformation has been a long standing tradition within many tribal and shamanic societies.  Whilst struggling to find ways to describe this work, I went online to find confirmations and examples of shamanic mask use. Immediately this perfect quote cropped up:    “Native Americans believed that a mask does not disguise, but… Read More