As Winter fades and Spring settles in, we find ourselves sleepily shaking off the snow and being called to re-enter the throng of life. With the thawing ice, the shoots of plants and trees heroically push through the soil to greet the sun, and once again life surrounds us, as a flurry… Read More

I hope you enjoy this article that explains how I ended up creating crazy animal masks for the healing of others! This is also the first installment of a series of posts that will focus on the stories on some of the first masks. You also might want to check out the blogs on Shamanism… Read More

4. Shape Shifting Ritual.   After the journey, it is time to create a mold for the mask, from the client’s own face. Intentions are stronger, and the transformative energies are at their peak, so it is the perfect time to bring the journey here into the Middle World by performing a shape-shifting ritual.  The… Read More

If you want to know more about the nuts and bolts of the mask making process, this is the post for you!     I will go through each step, explain a little about the hows and whys, and hopefully give you a good idea of the amount of work that goes into the creation… Read More

  Here is an article by Susan Keiraleyn, Ph.D.  that very successfully breaks down shamanic healing work into its basic components without getting bogged down in metaphor.     How Does The Shaman Heal? By Susan Keiraleyn, Ph.D. The spiritual healing methods of shamanism are now receiving increased and significant attention in our culture as… Read More

The Solstice draws near, and along with it the inevitability of Winter. The leaves have fallen, the flowers have died, the darkest night of the year has arrived and yet within each home hearth-fires burn. Inside caves, dens, burrows and in the dark soil life is nurtured and protected from the cold, During Winter, it is natural… Read More

A power animal is a benevolent animal spirit that can be called upon to provide insight, guidance, protection, healing and power. In the case of shamanic journey, they guide us and protect us as we attempt to gain information and provide healing for ourselves or our clients. Each animal has abilities and talents that we… Read More

Masks used for personal transformation has been a long standing tradition within many tribal and shamanic societies.  Whilst struggling to find ways to describe this work, I went online to find confirmations and examples of shamanic mask use. Immediately this perfect quote cropped up:    “Native Americans believed that a mask does not disguise, but… Read More

  Note: A lot of this may be new to you. I will endeavor to describe as much as I can and create links for the different aspects of shamanic work and mask making along with this article. You can also call: (808)-419-1780 if you would like more information. You can also check out my recent work… Read More

    Core Shamanic Journey was developed by Michael Harner. Essentially it is a method of shamanism not bound to any particular belief or cultural perspective, he found that the methods of traveling to the other worlds are universal, and due to the West’s own  shamanic knowledge being lost because of religious oppression, he  introduced… Read More