This is a dish that was made for me as a kid, and it was my favorite. It’s a really simple recipe, easy to make, and I make it whenever I want the kids to actually eat their dinners. There are never any left-overs! It is rare to have a meal that all the kids like, but this seems to be one. ¬†For those parents out there who have really picky kids.



1 Onion.

1 Bag of Peas.

1 large can of Vegetarian Baked Beans.

1 large can of Cream of Tomato Soup.

1 big block of Cheddar Cheese.

1 bag of Brown Rice Elbow Pasta.

Optional: 4 slices of Bacon.


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Start boiling the pasta. While it’s cooking:

Open up the cans pf beans and tomato soup, plop them into a casserole dish, along with the peas.

Finely chop onions (and bacon), and fry ’til nice and brown. Once cooked, put the onions into casserole dish. Put dish in oven to warm up mixture.

Grate the big block of cheese.

Once pasta is done, drain and then put in dish as well. Sprinkle cheese over top, make sure you have a thick layer. Plonk dish back in, until ready, should take another twenty minutes if you want the crust to be golden brown.

That’s it. Now watch it get decimated by your children.


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