Gift Certificate Special Offer!

$50 for a gift cert of $60 value.

$70 for a gift cert of $90 value.


Offer lasts until April Fool’s Day.

3 comments on “Limited Time Offers

  • hey Gavin! how’s it going?

    congrats on the upcoming 4th! very happy for you guys!

    Rachel loved the massage that Julie sent her over during her last pregnancy (or maybe the one before?) so I’d like to get her another …

    how does the 50 bucks for a 60 bucks gift certificate work? I couldn’t find anyway to actually purchase it here online …

    – nick

    • Hey Nick!

      I got your message, no worries, I have not put it online. But thanks for the heads up. Will do so. If you want you can also just remind me when you pay, and I will just charge the 50. Whatever works for you. But I will just put it online right now too, so you can do it that way as well. Just lemme know. 🙂

    • No scratch that, haha. My online scheduler thingie doesn’t let me do that. I can mail it to you, and you can send a check or you can give me your CC info and I can do it online from my end.

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