Over time I have developed my own way of shamanic healing that can be utilized while performing bodywork for the client. The most appropriate bodywork forms that work best with shamanic healing  are Lomi Lomi and Craniosacral Therapy, which enables one to be still  and grounded enough to tap in and receive the information… Read More

Shamanism is the catch-all term for an indigenous spiritual practice that exists in all corners of the globe, and research indicates that it has been around for at least 40,000 years. Often times the role of shamanic healing was given to a particular member of the tribe that showed particular qualities or traits that indicated… Read More

  I needed a healthier alternative to Jamba Juice’s chocolate peanut butter smoothie. And so came up with this little fella. It serves as a great breakfast on the go. Ya got yer proteins, ya got yer magnesium, ya got yer potassium, ya got yer lovely fruits! What’s not to like? I have NO idea if… Read More

   Mask Making Workshop on the 28th of September!    Seasons roll in and out, informing us that transition is inevitable. Sometimes it is abrupt and unexpected, sometimes it flows so subtly in our lives that we are unaware of its importance until it is too late. This can herald a time of uncertainty and doubt,… Read More