As Winter fades and Spring settles in, we find ourselves sleepily shaking off the snow and being called to re-enter the throng of life. With the thawing ice, the shoots of plants and trees heroically push through the soil to greet the sun, and once again life surrounds us, as a flurry of animal activity begins anew

Seize the moment, come and connect with your Inner Warrior by discovering and creating a mask of your very own Power Animal, specifically chosen by Spirit to lead you into your Warrior Heart. From this place you will find the strength and courage to see your dreams through and to face your demons with a resolute soul. 






Gavin, an experienced shamanic practitioner, will help you find this power animal via guided meditation. It is his passion and calling to help us recover long lost gifts within ourselves to create more empowerment, love and joy in our lives.



Come and join us on Sunday the 22nd of March, for a day of discovery, empowerment and creative fun. 10 am to 4 pm.  Fee is $150, includes all mask materials.

If you feel called to this powerful event you can call me, FaceBook message me or email me and I will then send you more information on the address and what necessary items you will need to bring. Space is limited so if you feel called to this awesome event contact me ASAP for a place.

Ph: (808)-419-1780

email: journeysmt@gmail.com

Looking forward to your presence!!                           Grrrrrrrr!!!!!!







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