If you want to know more about the nuts and bolts of the mask making process, this is the post for you!




I will go through each step, explain a little about the hows and whys, and hopefully give you a good idea of the amount of work that goes into the creation of your own powerful healing mask. This is a sacred and  fun undertaking, and so the process reflects that.

So there are a number of steps involved.  Each step is an invaluable part of  the whole process.


1. Commitment.

2. Soul Reading.

3. Shamanic Journey.

4. Shape Shifting Ritual.

5. Design Stage.

6. The Creation of the Mask. 


1. Commitment.

The client has heard all about the process, and the client feels that the mask is needed. This is the beginning of a months long process of healing and change, and requires equal commitment from the mask maker and the client.

I as the mask maker promise to create a mask that will effectively hold space for the client’s healing journey, I also personally hold healing space for the client, and help move energy whilst creating the mask, and I am available for consultation. Essentially, every time I am working on the mask I am shamanically journeying for the client.

The client makes the commitment to authentically walk his or her own path of healing, and be open to connect with the power animal that the mask acts as a portal for.  The more energy the client puts into the process, the quicker the process takes to make the mask. The client and mask are energetically and spiritually bonded. The initial payment required to create the mask is also a solid act of commitment to the client’s own healing and growth through the mask.


2. Soul Reading.

I not only need to know about the power animal that I am basing the mask on, I also need to know more about the client. This is achieved by sitting down with the client and performing a soul reading. With this I get to understand his/her own unique spiritual purpose and identity, and his/her own path here on Earth. This greatly informs the process, and simply by getting a feel for the person’s soul I am able to channel that into the mask I am creating, therefore making something unique and true for the client.

The soul reading is actually more of an extension of the Akashic Records Reading that I offer on my website. We just simply go into more depth about the client’s Soul Name, purpose and so on. During the reading, any questions can be asked by the client as well.

The reading can be done during the same day as the shamanic journey and shape shifting ritual, or can be done on a separate date before hand.


3. Shamanic Journey.

This is where we find out which power animal needs to be channeled through the mask. During the journey, I find out the exact nature of the power animal, what symbols are needed to be placed on the mask, and any images seen during the journey will often find their way onto the mask. Any crystals or stones that need to be in the mask are also discovered.

This is the power animal that the client is to become bonded with in order to embody its powers and virtues, and over time, assimilate this into their own lives, bringing forth latent abilities and power that actually lies within themselves. This is the very essence and goal of shape shifting. The animal serves as a reflection, reminder and catalyst for the hidden and sometimes suppressed traits within ourselves that are being called upon to bring about the inner changes needed in order to overcome our own life challenges.

Once the journey is complete, I sit with the client and relay all that I saw on the journey. Sometimes I am given messages to pass on, and sometimes I bring back healing and power for the client.  Immediately after the journey, we begin the shape shifting ritual.


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