I am pleased to say that I will be hosting and teaching workshops all year round!

Below are brief descriptions of the workshops I am currently hosting  (as displayed on the brochures)  as well as dates and times at the bottom for you to mark them on your calendar. if you so wish. More may be added in the future. Dates and times are also liable to change, so please check in before hand.


“Journey For Self” Workshop

In this workshop you will learn how to shamanic journey for yourself with the aid of drumming, call in the directions, find your power animal(s) and guides, navigate the Upper and Lower World, and to have the ability to heal and transform any aspect of your life.
If you feel called, please join us and connect with your Inner Shaman!
Gavin will share his knowledge and experience with humor and warmth in a welcoming, supportive environment. You will leave feeling confident that you have a powerful tool for self-transformation and self-determination.   Current pricing: $75




Shamanic Mask Workshop

With specially prepared guided meditations, Gavin will help you find your own personal animal guide that will provide healing and protection during challenging life moments. Then, to honor and bond with your spirit guide, you create a lasting work of art that acts as a strengthening reminder of the powerful forces within and around you. Come enjoy a day of creation, connection, and fun! Remember to bring your inner five year old!
Timed to coincide with the seasonal Equinoxes and Solstices, which are powerful nexuses for transformation and transition.  Current Pricing: $150

No previous shamanic experience required!




Shamanic Journey Circle

Come and develop your journey skills acquired in the Journey for Self Workshop, alongside like-minded souls in safe, non-judgmental surroundings. Gavin will hold space, drum, and also be available for any questions you may have about shamanic journey. Journey Circles are hosted on the 1st Sunday of every month, from 6 to late. Easy to remember and mark off on your calendar.This is the perfect opportunity and excuse for regular self healing and care.  $10-$15 Love Donations appreciated!

Experience Required: You would need to have attended the Journey for Self workshop, or have had previous shamanic journey training and experience.




Workshop Schedule

3/1/2015:    Journey Circle.  6pm-10pm
3/22/2015:  Spring Equinox Mask Workshop.  10am-4pm
3/29/2015: Journey For Self Workshop.  6pm-10pm
4/5/2015:    Journey Circle.  6pm-10pm
5/3/2015:    Journey Circle.  6pm-10pm
5/31/2015: Journey For Self Workshop.  6pm-10pm
6/21/2015: Summer Solstice Mask Workshop 10am-4pm
7/5/2015:    Journey Circle 6pm-10pm
7/26/2015: Journey For Self Workshop 6pm-10pm
8/1/2015:    Journey Circle 6pm-10pm
9/6/2015:    Journey Circle 6pm-10pm
9/20/2015: Fall Equinox Mask Workshop 10am-4pm
9/27/2015: Journey For Self Workshop 6pm-10pm
10/4/2015: Journey Circle 6pm-10pm
11/1/2015: Journey Circle 6pm-10pm
11/29/2015: Journey for Self Workshop 6pm-10pm
12/6/2015:    Journey Circle 6pm-10pm
12/20/2015: Winter Solstice Mask Workshop 10am-4pm

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